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Adjustments in the Sunrise plan.

SunlandExactly a month ago we published a detailed plan of arrangement of free settlement on a desert island - the Sunrise plan. Although at the moment we have not yet received a response from the authorities of Pitcairn Island, anyway we are still going to press for their formal response to our proposals. As for Venezuela and Honduras - the work in progress, it's early to wait their response because suggestions just sent.

Many people express their doubts that the authorities of any State would give us an Island to settlement arrangements for free. Many people say, "While you are waiting for government decisions Sunland project would completely fizzle out". Really, it's possible. In this regard there are some ideas about corrections of the Sunrise Plan.

We could make an interim stage. To convince people that it works, we might arrange a kind of experimental ground. Namely, we might to acquire land in some country and arrange there the first Sunland commune.

Certainly, there's a question of cost. At the moment, we have data on prices of land only regarding Russia. The lowest prices for land can be found in the Yaroslavl region: it starts from $ 15-25 per are (i.e. $ 600-1000 per acre). Thus, the minimum suitable for our purposes area in 10 hectares (about 25 acres) runs up to $ 25 000.

We are ready to arrange the first Sunland commune in any part of the world and in any country. Therefore, if any of the Sunland supporters or sympathizers has information about lower land prices than the above ones - we would be very grateful for this.

The Sunland project team.
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