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There is enough of skepticism. It’s time to start working!

SunlandSunland project has been implementing for almost two months. There is not 100 days (the time that taken in politics for consideration of preliminary results) but something can be said right now. Our rule is never to hide the truth. We don’t inspire anyone with illusions. We don’t want to become victims of illusions. So, we can say that Sunland became interesting for many people and it has not been ignored. But those people who are really willing to actively participate in the project - such people are few and far between. Among the public which is debating Sunland online dominates skeptical, sometimes openly hostile, but more often mocking attitude. Why is it so? May be we’re doing something wrong? Maybe, but first of all, nobody hinders constructive criticism, conversely, we always greet it. Second, if you want to prevent yourself from any mistakes – just do nothing. Or, maybe, the very idea is bad? But, first, there are hundreds of communes around the world now which successfully operate base on the ideological and philosophical, moral, ethical or even religious grounds (from the anarchist communes to the mennonite communities). And secondly ... well, it is wiser to devote a special article concerning the reasons for such skepticism and consider this matter in broader context of Sunland’s philosophical and ethical foundations.

At the first place at Sunland are ideas, principles and people. If it is so, then the material side of the life also will be. Sunland is a light, which is giving to people the hope and joy. “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not…” (John 1:5).

We are continuing working at the implementing of Sunrise Plan. As it already has been reported, the Sunland project activists decided that before establishing a colony on a desert island, it could be possible to make a colony on the mainland. This decision brings significant changes in the architecture of the project.

Thus, the Sunland Worldwide Movement (SWM) brings together a network of autonomous settlements, communes around the world. They could be arranged in any country where people are willing and have the possibility of establishing such a settlement, commune.

If we talk specifically about the settlement, the two schemes are possible. First, it is the purchase of land to the communal ownership. This way requires a rather high cost. In that case if the money to buy land comes from the participants of the project or its sympathizers, each person who contributes to the Fund of this settlement gets a certificate that assign a plot for him, which area corresponding to the sum of contributed money. Thus, if the participant will decide to leave the commune, he is entitled to receive that amount back for him/her. Also sympathizer according his/her personal statement has the right to demand money back (of course, without interest, only with due regard for the inflation index). However, to prevent speculative intentions of individuals, to suppress any kind of parasitism, we must to set up the following rules: the right of a share of communal land can not be the subject of buying and selling, reassignment, mortgage, or inheritance. All the benefits of the activities in all Sunland communes are distributed according to the individual working contribution. This means that the right of a share land does not give the individual the opportunity to obtain unearned income (dividends, etc.).

The second way is the land renting. This requires much less expenditure, but much more care for the economic side, because whatever happens in Sunland commune, but the lessor demands the rental payments regularly.

The Sunland project team.
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