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Some words about Sunland economics.

SunlandSunland as one of the most ambitious projects of our time has many dimensions - spiritual, ethical, aesthetical and of course economic. It is about the Sunland economy we intend to say now at least briefly, although it should be clearly understood, that none of these aspects of Sunland community life can be separated from the others, all them fully linked.

All values in the world are creating by human labor. And the most efficient labor is a free labor. It's logically, that even under the conditions of a current economic system, which is questioned by many people; such enterprises have shown themselves as the most effective form of business, where the worker cooperates freely with the other equal workers, where parasitism of managers and capital owners is wiped out. We’re talking about production cooperatives and farming cooperatives, and also about service cooperatives.

We’ve already said in the context of Sunrise Plan adjustments about establishment of the agricultural communes. From an economic and partly from a legal point of view, these communes are the agricultural cooperatives.

However, if we will see at thing from the normal townsman's position, we realize that break with the habitual way of life (even if a person lives in a constant frustration) is a very serious step and not everyone venture to do so. To take decision, individual should really make sure that it works. And this opportunity may be given to him
in an urban production cooperative. Thus, the group of people who are interested in the Sunland idea has the opportunity of not to leave their current place of residence. All they need is simply find premises for productive activities or activities in the service sector, then take it on lease for a small fee and begin to embody Sunland principles at the economic and other spheres. There is also an opportunity of working at home, and even opportunity of squatting of unused premises – all depending on circumstances.

Unlike joint-stock company, where minority shareholders votes have no meaning, the production cooperative has the rule - 1 member = 1 vote. Thus, there is direct democracy in decision-making in a classical Co-op. But even this form is not the most effective form, because with all the virtues of direct democracy, the unity maybe achieved here only by the numerical superiority of majority. Minority forced to formally obeying, while the people are not convinced of the necessity of the decision and hence their motivation to implement the decision is undermined. To prevent it in Sunland Co-ops, we need to apply the procedure of finding consensus in decision-making (see the Image).

Thus, from the economic side the Sunland Worldwide Movement (SWM) becoming a global association of manufacturing, agricultural and other cooperatives. Needless to say that all these autonomous cells of Sunland economies do not compete, but cooperate with each other, they share information, mutual services, expertise, etc.

In addition, we need to prevent the disintegration of Sunland project, as well as its commercialization. To prevent disintegration, we may set regular contributions from each Sunland Cooperative to the Fund of the whole Movement. The amount of these contributions is set according to consensus of a certain business unit with the SWM as a whole. To prevent bias in the market we must strengthen the spiritual foundations of Sunland.

We are glad to inform you, that the first cell of free labor has already been created! To tell the truth, it is not in the sphere of material production yet, but in the field of cultural production. The group of artists from St. Petersburg, Russia has established a cooperative society based on these principles, which was named “Artel of free artists”. This Artel fully shares Sunland's principles and plans. This first swallow shows the way to the line of beautiful and proud birds - free economic entities.

The Sunland project team.
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