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The petition to Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America.


Dear Mr. Obama,

The fact, that in these difficult times for America, you were elected to the post of President, as at one time such prominent leaders as Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been elected at this position too, this fact indicated that the great American nation, that showed remarkable examples of indomitable desire for freedom for the rest of the world, was still full of strength, energy and ability to cope with any difficulties.

We, the signatories to this petition, are encouraged by the spirit of freedom. Our main desire is free life in accordance with the rules, which set up by the free will of our project participants.

For this purpose we want to create a free settlement of artists, representatives of subcultures and minority communities, and ordinary people who want to join us for the living at the Agrihan Island (Mariana Islands), which is territory of the United States of America.

The settlement, which was named Sunland, would be an art colony, at the same time a place for rehabilitation for people who got into trouble (such as the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics, environmental refugees, etc.) and also environmentally sound settlement for all who agreed with common rules and wished to live at the Island.

Our self-sustaining ecovillage
will not bring any harm to the Island nature on the contrary we will do our best to keep it. Our project aims to benefit people, because there is no better way to recover a human who get into trouble for sanguineous social life than cooperative labor in the bosom of nature. Our project aims to prove and show that labor in common, mutual aid and fraternity between people are possible and necessary. Our project aims to enrich the culture with new artistic works. We completely recognize the legal status of Agrihan Island and therefore U.S. federal legislation and Mariana Islands legislation.

Mr. President! The Pilgrim Fathers who were at the origins of the U.S. had no place in their home country, their only wish was to live freely and work together. Their noble aspiration created the country which has something to be proud! And today, Mr. Obama, people who are impelled by the same desire ask you to authorize the Sunland settlement at the Agrihan Island .


The Undersigned.

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