stumblingbl0ck (stumblingbl0ck) wrote in greenanarchy,

Jebus Wrote the Constitution!

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to the Christian Right, then you've not seen it all together in one single painting, just dripping with wingnuttery and Christion propaganda. Welcome to Jon McNaughton's Evangelical Crap-o-rama! It has Jebus Chrispies holding the Constitution (because you know Jebus wrote it) and a bunch of stereotypical icons reacting to this grand realization of "what truly makes this country great." You can buy the print for a few hundred bucks, but of course, it's more fun to go to the page because there, it's interactive!

You can scroll your mouse over anybody and it'll tell you all about them. In a small window to the side it'll also show you a larger portion of what you're pointing at, though I usually had to aim it at a person's crotch before their face showed up, since it was off a bit. Go figure. And you can play a Satanic version of Where's Waldo... because Satan is hidden in this picture. He looks just like that Millionaire Matchmaker woman if you ask me. Also spot the "activist judge" crying for what he's done to America. You can even point at his spilled papers, each telling you all about the horrible bills that have ruined our great land... Roe v. Wade, Brown vs. Board of Education... you name it. It just gets better and better the more you read it.

But for more fun, I thought I'd add a few touch-ups. Enjoy!

May have to click to see it large enough to read.
Feel free to pass on, just give credit where it's due. Thx!
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