Fogelfrei (rotte_volf) wrote in greenanarchy,

Will be a bison the main force of Sunland commune's economy?

Will be a bison the main force of Sunland commune's economy? First, some news from current Sinland's stationing in St.-Petersburg region. Using temporary absence of Sunland activists (who are forced to do bussines in the city to get money for the Sunland's development) unknown miscreants ruined our sheaf of poles already completely prepared for the covering with the teepee cover. They undertook this plunder only for the sake of long manila rope... But Sunland activist don't lose heart. Actually we are preparing expedition to scour neglected village for new Sunland settlement in the southern districts of Pskov region. The expedition will start within the next few weeks.

The Sunland’s inspirer Dmitry Kremnev has been attracted by a TV broadcast topic which told about Estonian cattle farmer by the name of Hillar. Having sought new ways for profit, this man bought a dozen of bisons from the biggest bison farm in Europe which situated in Belgian Ardennes. Bisons were imported into Europe in the 1990s and their population here has now grown to some 2,500. The main benefit from bison breeding is conditioned by the fact that those animals can withstand both harsh winters and hot sunny summers and do not require shelter. They are content to graze on poor fodder in large open areas where they can give free rein to their agility and speed. Females can reproduce until the age of 20 or even more (giving birth every spring to a calf weighing around 25 kg). Males not needed for reproduction are slaughtered at around age two, when their weight averages some 450 kg.

Of course, the costs for buying these rare animals will be rather high. But it seems that it would be compensated rather quickly. Having detailed business plan we could be well expect to take long-term bank credit. So, if someone from our friends is competent in this issue or he/she intends visit Belgium someway, we will be grateful for the advice and/or agency (which could be paid).

P.S. We would remind you that on this page you might vote for beutiful and clever girls - participants "Miss Sunland I" beauty contest.

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